This wikispace was created for all teachers who are looking for differentiated resources.

For all those who don't know about differentiated instruction, it is defined as:

"...effective instruction that is responsive to the diverse learning needs and preferences of individual learners" (Hume, 2008)

Our Goal

The reason we started this wikispace was for an Inquiry into Teaching project for our ESST 369: Critical Literacy in Social Studies: Issues for Pedagogical Practice class. When deciding on what we should do for this major project we found ourselves reflecting on the issues that had arisen during our four month internship experiences. A common issue that the five of us shared was that we struggled with finding useful resources for differentiated instruction in our classrooms.

How To Use This Wiki

We have created several pages on this wiki to help our colleagues understand the myths associated with differentiated instruction and also to provide a kind of "Teacher Tool Box" that contains many different resources and ideas. Please be sure to check out the Myths section about Differentiated Instruction before continuing on to our Teacher Tool Box so that you have a better understanding of what differentiated instruction is before you get started!

We hope you like our wikispace and find it useful in your own teaching and learning journey!